Here's what some of our current school families have to say about St. Timothy School:

So there's this school my kids attend. It's a school all right - the kind with hard-working, enthusiastic teachers, an involved, accessible Principal, a competitive curriculum, wonderful extra-curricular activities and all the other typical bells and whistles. But it's beyond all of that – it's a community. If you know what it's like to belong somewhere (or know how it feels to not belong) you'll notice it right away. Saint Tim's is like being wrapped constantly, in the giant, bear-hugging arms of your favorite person. And it makes a difference. 

We recently moved to St. Timothy from a much larger school and parish in the Diocese. We really love the individual attention our kids get every day - we never worry that our kids will be lost in the shuffle here at St. Timothy School. And as a family - the sense of community at St. Tim is amazing. We felt welcomed and valued from day one.

We wanted the culture and sense of community of a small school, but we weren't willing to give up the amenities of a larger school. Here at St. Timothy, we get to experience the best of both worlds! The kids have access to technology, the huge gymnasium, athletics, extracurricular activities, and a great library... and we're surrounded by the family-like atmosphere that's more common at smaller schools.

 It's the first place since living in Columbus my kids and I can call "home."



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