St. Timothy School Dress Code: Physical Education Uniform

On designated Physical Education (PE) days, St. Timothy School students wear the PE uniform for the entire school day. Parents and students will be notified of designated PE days for each child's class at the start of the year. The PE uniform is the the same for both boys and girls, with a few exceptions, noted below.


Plain Gray T-shirt with or without St. Timothy logo


Plain gray, burgundy, or black sweatpants. 

  • Must be worn at natural waistline 
  • Must not be form-fitting
  • Girls are permitted to wear yoga pants as long as they meet all the requirements above (ie plain color grey, burgundy, or black, worn at natural waistline, non-form-fitting)


Plain burgundy knit or mesh.

  • No more than 2" above the knee
  • Must be worn at the natural waistline
  • Must not be form-fitting


Required at all times.

  • White or black in color
  • Small logo permitted
  • No-show/low-show style not permitted. All other lengths are permitted. Socks must be visible.


Athletic shoes required on PE days.

  • Shoes must have a sole height of under 1 ½”. 
  • Shoes must have a non-marking/scuffing sole and not be of bright and/or neon-color. 
  • NO open-toe or open-heeled shoes (clogs, sandals or mules) are permitted. 
  • No shoes that contain wheels and/or roller blades, including but not limited to Heelys
  • No boots, slippers, and/or moccasin type shoes


Grey or burgundy

  • Addition of St. Timothy logo optional
  • Hooded sweatshirts containing pockets or other logos are permitted to be worn to school as jackets, but are not permitted to be worn inside the school as sweatshirts.