St. Timothy School Dress Code: Girls' Regular Uniform


Solid white with collar. To be worn with jumper, shorts, skirt/skort, or slacks. 

  • Round collar or oxford (button down collar) blouse, turtleneck or mock turtleneck, or polo-style shirt
  • Long or short sleeve
  • When worn with shorts, skorts, or slacks, blouses must be tucked in with waistband visible
  • No trim, ruffles or puffed sleeves
  • No visible logos


Burgundy, gray, and white plaid.

  • Both at-waist or drop-waist styles permitted
  • Under the jumper, students may wear solid black shorts (no logos, pictures or writing of any kind)
  • Must be long enough to reach 2” above the knee


Lands End Tan/Khaki or Burgundy Plaid.

  • Must be worn at the natural waistline
  • Must be long enough to reach 2" above the knee


Tan/Khaki color, walking style.

  • Permitted April 1 - October 31 only
  • Mid-thigh length, no more than 2" above the knee
  • No jeans, cargo, or carpenter styles permitted


Tan/Khaki color chino or corduroy uniform slacks

  • Jeans, cargo or carpenter styles are not permitted. 
  • Corduroy slacks must be purchased from stores that promote and sell corduroy slacks classified as “Uniform.” These acceptable stores include, but are not limited to: Lands End, JC Penney, Target, Sears, School Days Uniform and Educational Apparel. 
  • NO rivets or patch-pockets allowed. 


Required at all times.

  • White or black in color
  • Small logo permitted
  • No-show/low-show style not permitted. All other lengths are permitted. Socks must be visible.


Grey or burgundy.

  • Cardigan style or pullover with either crew- or v-neck
  • White uniform blouse must be worn underneath
  • No logos or designs permitted. Sweater should be solid color and plain.


Grey or burgundy

  • Addition of St. Timothy logo optional
  • Hooded sweatshirts containing pockets or other logos are permitted to be worn to school as jackets, but are not permitted to be worn inside the school as sweatshirts. 


Solid colors only. White, black, grey, or burgundy.


Solid colors only. White, black, grey, or burgundy.

  • K - 5: leggings permitted all year
  • 6 - 8: leggings permitted November 1 - March 31 only


Plain black, brown, or uniform plaid

  • Required for students in grades 5-8 with shorts, skorts, or slacks with belt loops


Athletic shoes, Mary Janes, Penny Loafers or Oxford styles. 

  • Shoes must have a sole height of under 1 ½”. 
  • Shoes must have a non-marking/scuffing sole and not be of bright and/or neon-color. 
  • NO open-toe or open-heeled shoes (clogs, sandals or mules) are permitted. 
  • No shoes that contain wheels and/or roller blades, including but not limited to Heelys
  • No boots, slippers, and/or moccasin type shoes


  • Girls in grades K-5 and all boys are prohibited from wearing make-up.
  • Girls in grades 6-8 are prohibited from wearing excessive make-up to school and school-related functions. 


  • Earrings: Single pair, should be kept to small size and to a minimum for health and safety reasons. 
  • Necklaces of any type are not permitted to be worn. 
  • Bracelets: Girls may wear a maximum of two bracelets. The bracelets must be respectful and subtle and are subject to approval at the discretion of school personnel. 
  • Arm bands or any form of bands that are worn are prohibited in school. 


Students are prohibited from carrying purses and any other types of bags during school hours unless specific arrangements have been made through the principal. 


Hair must be of the individual student’s natural hair color. 
•    Hair accessories must be respectful and subtle and are subject to approval at the discretion of school personnel. 

Body Art:

Body art of any kind if prohibited.